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Date:   Friday 17 may 2019

Topic : Popsical Karaoke / Workshop session 
Synopsis :
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With the Vesak Day long weekend on 17 - 19 May 2019, we will be having Karaoke / Workshop session on Friday 17th May 2019.
SMS has purchased a new Popsical karaoke set.  It comprises a Popsical disc (known as Popsical TV) and an amplifier (known as Popsical Sound) with two wireless microphones.  The Popsical system has around 200,000 songs in different languages stored in the cloud.All of them are legally licensed from the copyright owners through COMPASS (Composer and Authors Society of Singapore) and RIMSS (Recording Industry Music Services Singapore).

A Premium account (S$9.99 per month) has been subscribed which will enable 24-hour usage for the Popsical karaoke.
Interested members who would like to sing Popsical karaoke will need to be physically present as they need to join the same wifi group as the Popsical disc.

Members who wish to sing Popsical karaoke will need to download and install the Popsical app ( IOS / Android ) into their smart phones, which will enable them to join the karaoke sessions, search and choose their favourite songs etc.  For those members who do not have the Popsical app, the easiest thing would be to sit near another member who has a working Popsical app, and get help to search and select songs to sing.
Etiquette : please do not monopolise the karaoke sessions by sending your playlists or multiple songs all at once. Allow other members to sing their songs too. We will also show how to queue your selected song to the list, and move it up the queue if needed.
Come along and join our crowd karaoke sessions on Friday 17th May 2019, from 6.30 pm to 8.45 pm.

Members may wish to bring along tidbits to celebrate the long weekend with other members.

Organised by Singapore Microcomputer Society

(2) Skincare for Men/ Quick-fix Makeup Do Do for Ladies , 8.45 - 9.45 pm
Presenter : Ms Vonc Hui

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Ever Wonder Skincare & Image Grooming are essentials to men too?
Or Leaving a good impression is always time consuming or hard to achieve?
Or simply Bo chap (Cant be bother)?
Or is our humid weather stopping you?
First Impression always matters! 
Hurry!! Witness all these in this workshop, demonstrating by international trainer and practitioner Vonce Hui with 20 years of experiences! => Making men & women more appealing to each other
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