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Date:   Friday 13 Apr  2018

Topic :  
A brief history of time when SMS was formed, 40 years ago
Guest Of Honour, Speaker:   Emeritus Prof Bernard Tan Tiong Gie 
NUS, (now retired)
Synopsis (Written by Lim Beng Cheng):
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SMS was formed 40 years ago in 1978. Interestingly, we managed to get into contact with Prof Bernard Tan who happened to be in the protem committee during the society registration 40 years ago.  During this talk, Prof Bernard Tan shall talk about the early years of SMS formation.  Many of you have your own experiences and story to tell during these early years. 

By the way, Prof Bernard Tan shall also talk about a brief history of computers. That will bring nostalgia into our heart during the early years without floppy disks and inserting them upside down. Interestingly, we are back to without floppy disks.

SMS will also take this 40 years anniversary to waive door fees for all SMS members, both past and present.  We hope to meet old friends and shake hands once again.  Verification of membership is not necessary as most records were not available now.  SMS will also wish to invite all past speakers (sans door fees) to this event, for having contributed to SMS.

We hope to make this event an enjoyable and memorable one for all who will be present.

Finger food will be provided.
Organised by General Interest Group, SMS