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Free Computer Repair Service 



If you are going to pay $80 to $100 for your computer repairs, why not consider this free repair service?


When you join Singapore Microcomputer Society, established since 1978, you are entitled to a free computer service for each membership year. Membership fee is $60 per year and joining fee is $20. So by paying $80, you not only get your computer repaired, you also become a member of this exciting and active society. We organise computer related talks every Friday that will convert you from a computer dummy to a well informed user. There are many other privileges.


If you use our free repair service, you just pay $80 nett to join as a member.

If the repair cannot be done or you don't want to repair because it is not economical to do so, you can either choose to pay $20 for transport or pay $80 to join as a member.


Call Mr Hung Tel: 97823157

Call Mr Ham  Tel: 98357648




Terms and Conditions for free servicing

a) Free servicing and no transport charge if you join as a new member.

b) Availability of computer service technician.

c) Time of repair must be convenient to both technician and yourself.
e) No Risk Guarantee - If we cannot resolve any of your computer problems or it is not economical to repair, you pay only for the transportation charge of just $20 if you do not want to join as a member.
f) Free diagnostic and repair to be rendered on the first 2 hours of service.

   Subsequent extra hours are charged as follows.

   This is regardless of whether you become a member or not: 


     o  PC user - $25/hour or part thereoff subject to a maximum of $140

     o  Mac user $50/hour or part thereoff subject to a maximum of $280


g) Additional materials such as faulty board, hard disk, RAM, power supply etc will be be charged separately.