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Date:    Friday 16 Mar 2018

Lecture Room 1 (third storey) Bishan Community Club 
            51 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579799
            (near Bishan MRT Station)

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Topic : 
Better understanding the 5G mobile networks and its impact in the digital world
Presenter:  Graham
Chairman - Mobile Computing SIG 
Synopsis :
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In quest for a continual improvement for a more reliable and faster mobile network speed. Scientists and Engineers from leading multinational networking and telecommunications companies such as Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei etc have embarked in the development of the next generation of mobile networks, or the "5G" network standards as it's known now, as far back as in the year of 2011, whilst the 4G network standards were not even fully defined until 2013.

Today many of the leading 5G network developers are now partnering with the internet service providers (ISPs) from many leading capital cities to carry out network trials with the aim to roll out the 5G network services in the next couple of years.

During the talk will share with you video clips that touch on the various technical aspects of the 5G network and the many impacts that might affect the ways we all live, in this new digital era.
Organised by Mobile Computing Interest Group, SMS

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