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Date:    Friday 21 Jul 2017

Venue: Hiwire Data & Security Pte Ltd

           200 Jalan Sultan, #08-06 Textile Centre,
Singapore 199018          

(nearest MRT Station : Lavender MRT or Nicoll Highway MRT)                

Take lift #7 or #8 to reach 8th floor 

Venue : jalan-sultan-199018/9076_15252.html

Topic :   
Know your rights as an investor      

Presenter:  Mr Ng Chee Seng
                 Chairman, Stocks & Shares SIG, SMS

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As investors consider hiring professional help, they should know their rights.

What to demand of their financial advisers?

What factors should you look for?

What questions should you ask?


Organised by Stocks & Shares Interest Group, SMS

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Presentation by Internet Interest Group