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Date: Friday 20 Sep 2019

Time:1930 - 2130 hours

Venue: Lecture Room 1 (third level), Bishan Community Club
  51 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579799
  (near Bishan MRT Station)

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Topic : Food Preservation Technologies
Synopsis :

There are numerous food preservation techniques from traditional to high tech. Traditional methods includes cooking, salted, sun dried, oven dried, smoked dry, vinegar, fermentation, preservatives, canning and freezing etc. Common examples are salted fish, century eggs.

New technologies such as pasturizing, radiation, ozone, UV, vacuum packing, nitrogen filling, high pressure preservation and freeze drying have their advantages, cost, length of preservation etc.

We will discuss in detail Freeze Dry technology and its advantages and disadvantages. You will also be able to sample some freeze dried fruits and taste for yourself its potential. However, the cost is high, for equipment, time, capacity and electricity. Discussion, opinion and suggestions are encouraged.

Come to this important talk as food preservation technologies will be one of the star solution in solving global food shortage adn distribution.

Samples of Freeze Dried fruits will be available for tasting.


Organised by Business IT SIG

NEXT WEEK : 27  Sep 2019
Topic Feng Shui and Emperor Star Astrology. 

Presenter:- Zhang Yi Wei
Designation:- Founder/Owner of JingDiFengShui

Introduction to Fengshui and Emperor Star Astrology.
Organised by General SIG