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Date:    Friday 18  May 2018

Lecture Room 1 (third storey) Bishan Community Club 
            51 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579799
            (near Bishan MRT Station)

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Topic:  Should you Sell your stocks in May and go away
Presenter:    Mr Brian Lam
                   Founder of Pro Traders Code

About the speaker:  Mr Brian Lam (Founder of Pro Traders Code)
5 years ago, Brian was a stock broker with thousands of clients under his care. Within a short span of 3 years he accumulated more than 1.6 Billion of trading volume and became one of the top brokers in Singapore.  Many of his clients took his trading advice and created a substantial amount of wealth from it.
Brian soon left the hectic broking industry for a change of lifestyle and became a full time trader and educator. Today he teaches students on how to create profitable trades and investment for themselves.

<< QUOTE >>
Some of the major events are making investors jitters..
‚??The recent fall of the highs of the various global markets‚??
‚??The crash of major cryptocurrencies.‚??
We know that a lot of investors are uneasy and asking us the question on what they should do next especially in the time of the year "MAY" where the saying goes, sell in May and go away....
We want to help you out.
This is what we will be covering:
1. Is there a need to sell in May and go away?
2. How the events are affecting the current market outlook that you cannot miss. 
3. Forecast of STI, HKSE, S&P, DJ, Gold, some major forex pair
4. Forecast of some stocks that you can potential buy/sell
5. Some tips and tricks on using technical analysis on your stocks and forex.
Organised by Stocks & Shares Group, SMS 

Next week 25 May 2018

Topic : 
 A basic introduction on voice recognition using apps Siri (iPhone), Google Assistant and Google Translate (iPhone and Android)

Presenter:  Mr Lim Poh Seng
                   SMS Member
                   Organised by Open Source SIG, SMS